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Product : All-In-Wonder 8500
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Date : December 12th, 2002


The All-in-Wonder line from ATI has always been an essential part in their graphics card ine up. It is one of the products that ATI is consistently associated with and earns its moniker from the plethora of abilities it is able to offer a consumer. From a video card to a TV tuner, the AIW always has an abundance of plugs and nifty features to play with.

The All-Wonder Radeon 8500 is the second AIW card that ATI has released based on the Radeon 8500, the first being the AIW 8500DV. The AIW 8500 is targeted more towards the performance orientated buyer who does not need the FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports.

What makes it a better for gamers? The primary reason is its clockspeed, clocked at the same speed as the Radeon 8500, 275MHz for the core and 275MHz for the memory compared to 240MHz/190MHz that is used on the 8500DV. A fairly big increase. They also increased the RAM to 128mb. It still uses the BGA packaging giving the board a compact design.

The AIW 8500 has been out on the market for awhile now and as the AIW 9700 Pro is about to be released, this card should come down in price a bit. As the AIW 9700 Pro is priced astronomically for most users, let’s find out how far this card has matured and if it is meant for you.

AIW 8500 128MB Board
AIW 8500 128MB Board


Graphics Technology
  • Radeon 8500 Pro CPU clocked at 275MHz
  • 128 MB DDR memory clocked at 275MHz
  • 128 bit Memory Interface
  • AGP 2x/4X compatible
3D Graphics Features
  • 4-Pixel Pipeline Architecture with 2 TMU per pipe
  • Charima Engine II
  • Pixel Tapestry II
  • Smartshader
  • Smoothvision
  • Hyper Z II
  • Truform
Video Features
  • Video Immersion II
  • TV-On-Demand
Display features
  • VGA connector for analog CRT
  • S-video or composite connector for TV / VCR
  • S-video or composite connector for input
  • DVI-I connector for digital CRT or flat panel

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