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Product : All-In-Wonder 9600
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Editor : Eric 'Ichneumon' Amidon
Date : July 6th, 2004


ATI has long established dominance in the multimedia market. They‘ve recently launched a flash presentation showcasing the history of their industry leading video innovations. The first All-In-Wonder product was launched in November 1996! The All-In-Wonder as it was called was powered by the then high performance 64-bit graphics accelerator ATI RAGE II+ with 4MB EDO DRAM and retailed at $379US.

Fast forward nearly a decade and now ATI offers a whole range of All-in-Wonder products to satisfy the full market spectrum. ATI is packing the mainstream segment with two multimedia products based on the 9600 chipset, the AIW 9600XT and the AIW 9600. ATI did offer an AIW 9600 Pro version but decided to end the line and only have a low/high mainstream line. All these cards are more powerful than the original All-In-Wonder (duh) but priced at a reasonable level.

The mainstream market is rapidly growing due to increased interest in multimedia PCs for the purpose of home theatre PCs and PVR solutions. According to In-Stat/MDR unit shipments of PVR products grew from 1.5 million in 2002 to 4.6 million in 2003. In 2004, In-Stat/MDR projects that unit shipments will top 11 million. ATI intends to capture a piece of that growth by providing an alternative solution to the set top PVR products.

Of the three All-in-Wonder 9600s, the All-in-Wonder 9600 is the least expensive but still has many strong merits to fit its target market. Let's find out what the All-in-Wonder 9600 is all about.

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