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Product : All-In-Wonder 9600XT
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Editor : Robin 'roki' Kim
Date : April 17th, 2004


With their All-In-Wonder line going pretty much unopposed in the do-everything graphics card market, ATI keeps pushing out new models with more features and faster 3D performance on a seemingly monthly basis. Replacing the All-In-Wonder 9600 Pro, the recently released All-In-Wonder 9600XT is ATI's effort to keep the line fresh and to invite customers who want a graphics card with not only a wealth of multimedia features, but excellent 3D performance as well.

Like the AIW 9600 Pro, the AIW 9600XT gets a bit of a speed boost over its non-AIW counterpart. Clocked at 525MHz core and 325MHz memory compared to 500MHz core and 300MHz memory found on a regular 9600XT, the AIW 9600XT sports the fastest stock core clock speed of any consumer graphics card released to date. This, of course, can be attributed to the .13µ low-k silicon process ATI pioneered with the RV360 graphics core.

The Bundle

On the bundle side of things, ATI has upgraded the classic Remote Wonder to the new Remote Wonder II. The Remote Wonder II is a sleeker and more modern looking remote that fits nicely into even my oversized paw (more on the Remote Wonder II later). Also in the box you will find the standard assortment of driver and software CDs for video editing and other miscellaneous multimedia tasks along with the necessary video-in and -out cables and adapters. ATI also threw in an FM radio tuner antenna which was oddly missing from the AIW 9600 Pro bundle. AWOL this time, however, is the Half-Life 2 coupon which we've grown used to getting in ATI's retail bundles (ATI now only offers the coupon with their high-end Radeon 9800XT cards).

All-In-Wonder 9600XT Retail Boxs
All-In-Wonder 9600XT Retail Boxs

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