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Product : All-In-Wonder VE
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Ryan 'MrB' Ku
Date : December 2nd, 2002


ATI's All-in-Wonder line of graphics cards has always been upon release the most expensive cards in ATI's consumer line-up. The top of the line model always took a big chunk of change out of your wallet. Just look at the AIW Radeon 9700 Pro that retails at $449 US. That's not pocket change! I'm not saying it isn't worth the money, as the board contains the latest technology and therefore the higher cost should be expected, but I would treat the card really, really nice. The AIW cards basically stayed out of mainstream territory until they were replaced by a newer model.

ATI is approaching the All-in-Wonder VE with the opposite philosophy, releasing an AIW card that targets mainstream consumers at an incredibly low price. The mainstream segment accounts for 50% of the market.

Let's see what makes the AIW VE the first mainstream AIW card.


Graphics Technology
  • Radeon 7500 Pro GPU clocked at 260MHz
  • 64 MB DDR BGA memory clocked at 250MHz
  • 128 bit Memory Interface
  • PCI interface
3D Graphics Features
  • 2-Pixel Pipeline Architecture with 3 TMU per pipe
  • Charisma Engine
    ATI's transformation, clipping and lighting engine. It can calculate 45 million polygons per second.
  • Pixel Tapestry
    Encompasses Radeon's three texturing units per pixel pipe allowing single pass triple texturing. The Pixel Tapestry architechture allows for features such as bump mapping, 3D textures, texture transformations, shadow mapping, etc.
  • Hyper Z
    ATI's first generation memory bandwidth saving feature. It focuses on optimizing Z-buffer reads and writes through Hierarchical Z, Z Compression and Fast Z Clear that can result in a savings up to 20% in bandwidth.
Video Features
  • Video Immersion
  • Theater 200 chipset
  • Thruview allows for translucent viewing of TV play
  • TV-on-Demand
Display features
  • VGA connector for analog CRT
  • S-video or composite connector for TV / VCR
  • S-video or composite connector for input

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