Authour: Mark "Ratchet" Thorne
Date: February 20th, 2006

NVIDIA introduced the 6-series just about two years during the height of the videocard wars. The new lineup brought forth new technologies onto the battlefield like Shader Model 3.0 support and heralded the reintroduction of SLi, NVIDIA’s multi-board technology for PCI-Express systems. Contrary to the expectations held by a lot of folks at the time, both Shader Model 3.0 and SLI proved to be extremely popular and greatly helped NVIDIA secure the position it finds itself in today.

Initially the 6-series line was launched with the 6800 Ultra and the 6800 GT. While the 6800 Ultra has long since ceased production, the 6800 GT lives on even today and has since been joined by numerous other additions to the line covering a wide range of price and performance points. While it can’t be said that the 6-series covers the high-end anymore (since taken over by the 7-series), the various iterations of the NV40 core behind the 6-series still contains enough features and power to keep the lineup on store shelves and selling.

In this article we are looking at a bunch of these GeForce 6-series cards, ranging from the current fastest 6800 GT all the way down to the little 6600 DDR2 budget power house. In total we have 8 cards from two of NVIDIA’s top AIC partners, EVGA and XFX.

6-series Roundup
6-series Roundup

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