Authour: Mark "Ratchet" Thorne
Date: February 20th, 2006

Two years after it’s release the 6-series is still going very strong. In fact NVIDIA has been relying on the design to power their mid-stream and budget parts through the 7-series era, and really only now have they started to move on. Few graphics lineups have enjoyed the staying power that the 6-series has.

In this review I looked at many 6-series cards from quite a few price brackets.

The 6800 GT from both EVGA and XFX are pretty much the same, discounting different coloured PCBs, but both have been overshadowed somewhat by the more affordable and extremely competitive 6800 GS. If your budget is somewhere around $250 and you are looking at the 6800 GT, you could save a few bucks and instead go for one of the multitudes of 6800 GS cards currently available for around $180.

For around $140-150 I think XFX’s 6800 is an awesome value. Factory overclocked to 350/900 (as opposed to the stock 325/600) the card can almost keep up with the 6800 GTs and GS and certainly has enough juice to power through modern games.

For the budget range the XFX 6600 DDR2 has an impressive amount of power and can almost keep up with the higher clocked 6600 GTs used in the roundup. At under $100, it’s hard to beat.

I never looked at it in this review, but noticing how affordable these cards have become, the idea of putting two of them in SLI becomes extremely attractive.

Now that NVIDIA is starting to release mid-stream and budget SKUs in the 7-series, it looks like the 6-series is starting to come to an end. However, even now the venerable old lineup still offers a lot of power and enough modern features at extremely affordable prices that in many cases still makes the 6-series of graphics cards worth considering as an upgrade solution.

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