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Product : GeForce 7800 GT
Company : nVIDIA
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Date : August 25th, 2005


I said at the end of my 7800 GTX review that your only choice when looking for a high-end graphics card was the GTX. Not everyone can afford to drop that kind of money on a graphics card though, so thankfully we've been given a new choice in the form of the 7800 GT. As you've seen, a slightly slower 7800 is still a smoking fast graphics card, and with a MSRP of $449 (the card is already well below that on the street), the 7800 GT is within the reach of a lot more people.

And there's not much to complain about with the 7800 GT. The overclocking capabilities are good, at least from what I've seen, and the single-slot cooler is quiet and does a decent job of keeping the temperatures in check. It's even a bit shorter than the GTX, so if you were holding off on an upgrade because you were worried that the card wouldn't fit in your sytem, you might take another look now. It's smoking fast too, and has the same features list as the GTX, but unlike the GTX it's not overly expensive and out of the price range of most users.

The only real concern right now, and it might be a temporary concern, is the shimmering textures problem that has become a hot topic lately. NVIDIA has stated that a fix will be available to solve the problem, but it's likely that any such fix will have an unavoidable negative impact on performance. See this section of the review for an important update.

I think the GT hits ATI especially hard, even more so than the GTX did. With a MSRP $100 less than ATI's flagship Radeon X850XT Platinum and with the 7800 GT winning most of the benchmarks, and also leading the way in the features checklists, I think the last nail in ATI's X8-series coffin has been hammered home.


  • Very very fast
  • Shader Model 3.0 support
  • Excellent AA Image Quality and features
  • Quiet single slot cooler
  • Very good overclocking
  • SLI enabled
  • Immediate availability
  • Affordable
  • The jury is still out on the "shimmering" textures issue See the review update
  • Still looking...

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