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Product : Radeon 32MB SDR
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : KBench
Date : October 1st, 2000


This is a translation from the original review at kbench.com.

Since the announcement of Radeon, nVidia has announced their next generation product earlier than expected and is showing signs of discomfort. Maybe only so in my eyes... and the ATi fans.

I am not devaluating nVidia, but some of their marketing tactics concern me. For example, the famous "Ultra" versions of same card with no added features and overspec'ed announcements. This is neither good for the company or the consumers. However I can not deny that these tactics have worked so far.

Objectively speaking, GeForce2 GTS, Voodoo5 5500, ATi Radeon 64MB DDR are all very competitive cards with pros and cons: at the high end of the market segment. Then what would be the competition for GeForce2 MX in the lower end of the market? I believe it is Radeon 32MB SDR as we will find out in this review.

I am sure you are aware of such features as HyperZ and Charisma Engine of Radeon256 chipset. If not, I recommend you seek out numerous reviews of Radeon 64MB DDR that are online.

Product Name ATI RADEON 32MB SDR
Chipset ATI RADEON256
Memory Hyundai 5ns SDRAM 32MB
Clockspeed Core : 166Mhz
Memory : 166Mhz
Misc Features DVI Out
Price TBA ($138 - $155

As you know, Radeon 32MB SDR includes a slower ram compared to Radeon 64MB DDR. The DDR ram has been replaced by SDR and the capacity reduced to 32MB. We will see how this will affect the performance in a bit.

Radeon 32MB SDR is missing Rage Theater chip and ViVo functions, but our evaluation board had a DVI connector which suggests business as one of the markets this card is targeting.

The ram is Hyundai HY57V653220B 5ns SDRAM. Since our board was OEM, the core and memory were clocked at 166mhz. The retail versions are known to be clocked at 183/183. Normally, the 5ns ram can easily overclock to 200mhz. Then why was this board (with 5ns ram) clocked at 166mhz?

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