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Product : Rage Fury
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Brian Rubin
Date : August 10th, 1999


This board installed without a hitch, if one follows the directions laid out in the small and inadequate manual. Once I ripped out my old card and installed the Fury, I had almost no problems in getting it to run. The software included installed all the drivers as well as a small taskbar applet, which gave me access to everything I needed. Since then, 3rd-party programs, such as the Rage 128 Tweaker has been released to add functionality. Overall, the installation and software was just fine.


This is one area where I have to frown upon this board. I have had some problems with this board blanking out my monitor while using the TV out. I had to go through a ritual of going to safe mode, removing all my display adapters and monitors, and reinstalling everything. This happened several times, until I loaded up a little utility called Powerstrip. This utility, apparently, got my monitor and display card talking to each other much better than ATI's drivers did. I feel that I shouldn't have had to use a 3rd party utility to get my card working properly. This is the most glaring problem I had with the card, but once I had Powerstrip running, everything was fine. Overall, I'd say that some more work needs to be done in this area.

2D Performance

The 2D performance of this board is outstanding. Applications and 2D games load very quickly, and are all sharp and clear. The 250 Mhz onboard RAMDAC contributes to one of the better 2D outputs on the market. You can expect this card to shine in high resolutions such as 1280x1024 or above. Overall, 2D output on Rage Fury is outstanding, and I commend ATI for it. It is 3D, however, that everyone is interested in, so let's cut to the chase...

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