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Product : Rage Fury
Company : ATI Technologies
Author : Brian Rubin
Date : August 10th, 1999

Hardware DVD

This is the feature that initially attracted me to the Fury. The thought of not having to buy a separate decoder card when I wanted to use DVD was intriguing. I have to say that the DVD output is a resounding success.

The board, apparently, uses the cinemaster engine for DVD playback, and this is one of the best engines around. Thanks to the hardware decoding, DVD playback takes a lot less CPU utilization than a normal software DVD player, such as Power DVD. I tested both players, the ATI Player, and PowerDVD on my system, and found that, with PowerDVD, playback was somewhat clunky and pixilated. Playback with the ATI player, however, was smooth and clear.

Overall, the DVD playback on this board rivals that of dedicated decoder boards, all the while saving you a PCI slot in the process. A great value for the price the board is going for these days.


TV Out is nothing new on video gaming cards, but the results of these boards are usually a mixed bag. This is not so with the Fury, who's TV out rivals that of any I've seen before it. I use the TV out primarily for watching DVD on my home TV, and the output is just this short of brilliant. The colors are crisp and rich, and the images are as clear as a bell.

Games look pretty good on the TV as well. To test this, I played a variety of 2D and 3D games on the TV, and the results, again, were crisp and clear, with no blurs to be found. The only problem was the text, which was quite blurry, but this is the limitation of the TV's low resolution, not the ATI board. The Rage Fury supports up to the resolution of 800x600 on the TV. Overall, the TV output is outstanding, another feature which makes this board a great value.

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