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Product : Radeon 9700 Atlantis Pro
Company : Sapphire
Author : Byron 'Himself' Montgomerie
Date : October 30th, 2002


Retail Box
Retail Box
Retail Box Contents
Retail Box Contents
The Atlantis Pro invokes images of ancient ruins and deep waters, and it's apparently associated with the old Greek god of the sea, Neptune. A professional dead civilization with-random-obsolete-deities-thrown-in kind of video card? Ah, I'll never really understand the logic behind marketing and it doesn't really matter, what matters is the hardware in the box (and the box does look cool), which is probably all they were going for. :)

What you get:
  • One Radeon 9700 Pro video card, clocked at 324MHz core and 310.5MHz mem.
  • Yet another copy of PowerDVD, pretty much the standard DVD viewer.
  • Digital video output to HD15 converter for using a CRT as a seconday display.
  • Driver CD.
  • RCA cable.
  • SVGA cable.
  • SVGA to RCA convertor.

In summary, you get the card and some cables, powerdvd, and a driver CD that will rarely be used, although it does save you 10 seconds of downloading for the sake of Hydravision. I guess somebody will use it for the drivers, they are not that out of date, but I would always recommend getting the latest from the vendor website, or the reference drivers direct from ATI. There are no bundled games or extra bits of software with this product release from Saphire, although I know they will be marketing more aggressively in this area in future products.

Click here for the Sapphire web site. They have a comprehensive list of drivers available for downloading as well as the company profile and other bits of information. Sapphire has been a prominent partner with ATI in developing boards with them in the OEM market and are now entering the enthusiast retail market.

Some helpful links:

Refer to the specs link if you wish to see yet again a rehash of all the impressive specs that will likely cause your eyes to glaze over. :) The developer link contains demos and more detailed (and less marketing oriented) card information.

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