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Product : Radeon 9800XT
Company : Sapphire
Author : Mark 'Ratchet' Thorne
Date : December 18th, 2003


As one of the original ATI Add-In-Board partners, Sapphire continues it's course of churning out ATI powered cards from ATI's entire graphics chip lineup. Because of Sapphire's close relationship with ATI, they are often one of the first companies to introduce cards based on ATI's new graphics cores. An indication of how close the two companies have grow over the last few years is the fact that Sapphire markets an All-In-Wonder line of cards outside the North American market, something no other company does. As a matter of fact, Sapphire has grown so good at producing graphics cards that they now ship over one million ATI powered cards per month, a very impressive feat.

Sapphire has grown since their inception a short few years ago to become one of the most popular and trusted names in the graphics card industry. In this review I will take a close look at their top-end card, the Sapphire 9800XT.

Sapphire 9800XT Bundle
Sapphire 9800XT Bundle
The retail box the Sapphire 9800XT comes in is chock full of extras. You get the standard cables and adapters, driver CD, manuals, and PowerDVD XP software DVD player. You also get the latest version of RedLine, Sapphire's tweaking and overclocking application and on top of all that, Sapphire throws in a full version of Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness (a game that really shows of the DX9 power of the 9800XT but ruins the whole experience with really bad gameplay controls). What makes a good bundle great though is found at the bottom of the box in the form of a coupon for the full version of Valve Software's Half-Life2, the game every gamer will be talking about next year.

Over the next dozen pages or so we'll take a close look at how the 9800XT has improved over the 9800 Pro and what unique features it offers for potential upgraders. Read on.

Sapphire 9800XT Front
Sapphire 9800XT Front
Sapphire 9800XT Back
Sapphire 9800XT Back

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