Product: XFX Radeon HD4890 1GB
Company: XFX
Authour: Steve 'SSXeon' Dikes
Editor: Charles 'Lupine' Oliver
Date: September 7th, 2009
Overclocking & Wrap Up

Note: Overclocking can damage your video card, and will void your warranty. XFX's warranty states that it covers basic overclocking only, without the use of voltage modifications.

The maximum i went, still very good overclock, almost 15% on the core, and 13% on the memory.
The maximum i went, still very good overclock, almost 15% on the core, and 13% on the memory.

Some cards overclock to 1Ghz core but, sadly the, best our XFX HD4890 could achieve before freezing was 975Mhz core clock, 1100 (4400Mhz effective) memory. This really isn't too shabby, especially for a card that came clocked 125MHz less. We did attempt a 1GHz core, earning us a frozen screen and GPU recovery. It was worth a shot and no shrapnel resulted, so all is good. With the fan rotating at 75% things get pretty loud, so get used to complaints if you're close to someone else when trying out higher fan speeds to aid your overclocking endeavors.


AMD has come a long way from their 2900XT days, and it showed with the introduction of the HD4870 and HD4870x2. For the people who are looking for a very fast graphics card in the $200 budget range, the HD4890 is for you. The HD4890 has shown to be more than just a slight bump in core clock, but a great overclocker, 1GB memory as a standard, and better idle power draw. With some HD4890s hitting 1GHz core on stock voltage, the HD4890 can be almost 25% faster then the HD4870! In just a few days AMD is getting ready to launch the worlds first DX11 video cards. AMD hopefully will continue with their trend of great price/performance/power ratio that has been set with the HD3870 and beyond. They have done an excellent job making more competitive video cards this time around, and we all need good competition to keep the prices in check. With Intel's Larrabee coming in the first half of 2010 we might finally have a 3rd competitor in the video card market, which will only help the average consumer. Only time will tell.

With the HD4890, AMD continues to do an excellent job of superior video cards at a competitive price, and its safe to say enthusiasts are all thankful at how this has kept industry prices in check. Days away from AMD's unveiling of their new "evergreen" lineup, we're hopeful that the change in design philosophy introduced with the 3xxx series will continue to prove that one bad apple doesn't spoil the bunch.

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